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Set a deadline date for a task

You can set a deadline date for a task to keep track of its finish date without locking the schedule with an inflexible constraint. iTaskX updates the schedule as needed, keeps track of deadline dates, and shows an warning icon Warning in the „Info” column if a task finishes after its deadline.

  1. Point to „View” (from the „View” menu at the top of your screen) > „Current View:” > „Gantt Chart”.
  2. Select the desired task(s).
  3. Click on the „Entry-Info-Inspector” Entry-Info-Inspector and enter a date in the „Deadline” field („General” pane).

If you set a deadline a yellow arrow Deadline appears next to the bar for the task in the Gantt Chart.

When a task slips past its deadline date, iTaskX calculates negative slack for that task. For example, if a task starts a day later than it was scheduled to start, it displays a total slack of -1d.