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Compare the feature set of iTaskX Standard and iTaskX Pro.

iTaskX Standard is the perfect solution when you have to plan projects for your own. The Pro edition is a complete start-to-finish project management tool and the best solution when you have to team up with MS Project users or use agile project management methods such as Kanban.

  Standard Pro
Project Planning    
Time- and effort-based Planning
Costs and Budgets
Cost Rate Tables  
Organize and structure tasks in groups
Calendars for Project, Tasks and Resources
Multiple Task and Resource Notes
Plan/Actual Comparison (Up to 10 Baselines)
Comparison of actual Work with remaining work
Comparison of actual costs with remaining costs
Elapsed Duration
Split Tasks (Single Split)
Split Tasks (Multiple Splits)  
WBS and Outline Codes
File attachments
Manual scheduled tasks
Cost accrual
Gantt Chart
Tracking Gantt  
Network Diagramm  
Task Board (Kanban)  
Task Sheet
Task Usage  
Resource Sheet  
Resource Usage  
Custom Views  
Graph Area  
Critical Path
Styles for Tasks, Resources, Project…
View Filter
Custom View Filter  
275 configurable, MS Project compatible* task columns
230 configurable, MS Project compatible* task columns
Project Statistics
Headers, footers and legend for printouts
*Exchanging projects with Microsoft Project is only possible with iTaskX Pro.
Microsoft Project XML
Microsoft Project MPP
CSV (Excel, Numbers...)
ICS (macOS Calendar)
Styles and view settings from other iTaskX documents  
Microsoft Project XML  
CSV (Excel, Numbers...)  
ICS (macOS Calendar)  
Images (JPG, PNG...)  
PDF (In iTaskX Standard only via the print function from macOS)
Support for Cloud Services (iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive…)
iTaskX for Mac



Try before you buy!

After you have downloaded iTaskX, you can start a trial immediately. If you’re demoing iTaskX, use the options under iTaskX > Free Trial Mode form the menu bar to switch between the Standard and Pro feature set of the app.

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