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Create a milestone

A milestone is a reference point that marks a major event in a project and is used to monitor the project's progress. Any task with zero duration is automatically displayed as a milestone. You can also mark any other task of any duration as a milestone.

Create a milestone with zero duration
  1. Select „Gantt Chart” in the „Views” toolbar icon.
  2. Type „0” in the „Duration” field of the task you want to change.
    When you enter a duration of zero for a Task, iTaskX displays the milestone symbol on the Gantt Chart on that day.
  3. Press „RETURN” ⏎ or „TAB” ⇥ to set values and leave the edit mode.
Create a milestone with a duration of more than zero

Milestones typically have zero duration; however, some milestones may need a duration. For example, your project has an approval milestone at the end of a phase, and you know that the approval process will take a week.

  1. Select the desired task.
  2. Click on the „Info” inspector and choose „Milestone” in the „Appearance” pane under „Styles”.