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Set working time for the project-calendar

iTaskX assumes that most people work a standard week, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with an hour off for lunch. But you don’t have to stick with that schedule. If you want your team to work Saturdays, Sundays or evenings, so be it. Just change the working time on the project-calendar.

To set up working times in iTaskX choose „Edit” > „Working Times…” from the menu bar or use the Working Times toolbar icon.

This sheet shows the available calendars (Base- and Resource-Calendars) in the left portion. The project-calendar for the current project is followed by (Project-Calendar). The default is Standard (Project-Calendar) but you can also choose other base calendars like „24 Hours”, „Night Shift” or you can create a new base-calendar by clicking on the „+” button.

To tell iTaskX which calendar should be the „Project-Calendar” for your project, select a calendar form the list, open the context menu by clicking with pressed „CTRL” ⌃ key on the calendar icon and choose „Make to Project-Calendar” or close the „Working Times…” sheet and choose the desired calendar in „Project Info” inspector.

You can only use a base-calendar as project-calendar. Use resource-calendars only when working times for a resource are different to the project-calendar

The right portion of the „Working Times” sheet contain two tabs:


Use „Simple” to define the general working days and hours of your project, as well as regular non-working times like weekends and evenings.

To make changes select a calendar in the left portion of the sheet, select one or more weekdays and edit their working times or set them as „Work-free” by using the check box.


Use „Advanced” to change working times for special days, for example, holidays or special days off. iTaskX doesn’t include a preset holiday calendar. If you want to add holidays or special days off for your project you must specify them one at a time or import this days from the macOS Calendar App by using the more button.

To change a special day, or time range select a calendar in the left portion of the sheet, double click on a date in the calendar and edit their working times or set them as „Work-free” by using the check box. You can also the „+” button to add new exceptions.

To edit an existing exception, simply double-click on the desired name in the exception list.

If you need this settings and other settings as the basis for a new project, you can create a template.
To do this create a blank document, adjust „Project Options”, „Working Times”, „Styles”... and choose „File” (from the „File” menu at the top of your screen) > „Save as Template...”.