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Work with budgets and budget resources

iTaskX offers two different ways to work with budgets:


The simplest way to work with budgets in iTaskX are the „Cost Budget” and „Work Budget” fields in the iTaskX inspector.

  1. Click on the „Project” inspector.
  2. In the „Cost Budget” and/or „Work Budget” field, enter your cost and/or work budget.

Now when your project reach one of this limits you get a warning in the iTaskX „Messages” Messages.

A „0” value in the „Cost Budget” and/or „Work Budget” will disable that feature.

Advanced (iTaskX Pro)

A more accurate way to work with budgets are budget resources. The Budget Cost fields are used to enter or review budget costs for budget cost resources. Budget resources are assigned only to the project summary task. You can use the Budget Cost fields to compare the current budgeted costs with the planned or actual costs for the project.

  1. Point to „View” (from the „View” menu at the top of your screen) > „Current View:” > „Task Usage” > „Cost Table".
  2. In the „View Options and Styles” window Format Window activate the „Show Project Summary” checkbox.
  3. Choose „Views” > „Edit Columns...” in the menu bar.
  4. To add the „Budget Cost” column to your view, track the „Budget Cost” entry in the „Columns List" to the desired position in the header of the table portion in the „Task Usage” view.
  5. In the bottom of the „Resources” inspector click on the „+” icon to add a „Cost Resource”.
  6. In the upcoming pop-over enter a „Name” and check the „Budget” check box.
  7. Click „Done” to close the pop-over.
  8. Assign the cost budget resource to the project summary task by tracking the entry on the project summary.
  9. In the upcoming sheet click „OK”.
  10. Enter your budget in the table portion of the „Task Usage” view beside the assigned resource in the „Budget Cost” field.

You can only enter information in the „Budget Cost” field for cost resources that are budget resources. For work and material resources that are budget resources, you can enter information in the „Budget Work” field.