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Rearrange or sort tasks

Most of the time, you’ll view your tasks in chronological order as you manage them. But as a project grows, you might find it handy to see an alphabetical list or rearrange tasks to make sure your plan includes all the necessary steps.

Sort tasks

Sort a single column

  1. Select the column you want to sort by clicking on the column heading.
  2. Click the black triangle to the right of the selected column.
  3. Choose „Sort Ascending” or „Sort Descending”.

Sort multiple columns

  1. Point to „View” > „Sort” > „Sort by...”
  2. Select the columns which you want to sort and press „OK” to leave the sheet.


  • iTaskX alphabetizes summary tasks first and then alphabetizes the subtasks under each summary task.
  • To restore your original sort use the black triangle in the head of the „ID” column (first column).
Rearrange tasks

Move a task or resource by dragging

  1. Click on the „ID” field of the task or resource you want to move. To select more tasks or resources hold down the „COMMAND” ⌘ key while clicking on the „ID” field of the desired tasks.
  2. Left mouse down and drag the row(s) where you want to place the selection.